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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you accepting new clients?

A:  Yes we are currently have space to accept new clients. 

Q: What are your rates?

A:  Bath & Nails Package (non-haircuts) start at $50 Full Groom Package (haircuts) start at $75.  Rates vary due to the size, breed, age, desired length, pet’s temperament and condition of coat.  

Q: When is your next available appointment?

A:  We work by appointment only and are currently booking appointments two and three weeks out. 

Q: How long does the service take?

A: Depending on the pet, breed, size, condition, temperament and desired service, it could take anywhere from up to one to two hours per pet.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We accept credit card as a form of payment.  We accept all credit cards via Square.

Q: Do you have crates?

A: No, we do not have crates on our vans.

Q: How do you dry pets?

A: We dry pets by hand with a high velocity dryer.  We do NOT use cage dryers.

Q: What is needed for my appointment?

A: Parking and access to your pet.   Although our vans are set up with water and power source, there may be times that we may ask to use your garden hose (or water bib) and/or power source in emergency situations.

Q: Will I need to  provide copies of my pet's immunization?

A: No, but we do ask that your pet be current on vaccinations and that you sign our service agreement.